Here we feature some of our new church architecture. Most have been realised within tight budget and programme constraints. All have involved extensive consultation in the development of the brief in order to satisfy the different needs of the individual Christian communities.

  • Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary - larger replacement for an existing parish church that now seats 850. Review a provocative piece of modern liturgical art by Fr Kim Yong installed behind the tabernacle, and a striking sculpture of the Holy Spirit by Angela Godfrey.
  • St MacNissi's Church - fan-shaped floor plan within a rectilinear external form seating 800. Note the relationship with the tabernacle and how we balanced public and individual adoration.
  • St Colmcille's Church - circular design for 600 with separate platforms for ambo and altar. Note also the separate but linked Blessed Sacrament Chapel.
  • Monastery of the Holy Cross - new Benedictine community established to carry out Pope John Paul II's exhortation for religious orders to be witnesses to ecumenism. See how we have expressed theor mission in built form.